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We use a gentle, yet effective method called softwashing when tackling a solar panel washing job.

When you want to reduce your environmental impact, you might take small steps in your personal life. Recycling, reducing water usage, and driving less are all ways that everyday individuals can help the planet. Another is to invest in clean sources of energy for homes and businesses. By adding a solar energy system, you can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels while harnessing the power of the sun. The process of having such a system installed on a residential or commercial structure involves the placement of panels, which capture the sun’s rays and convert them into energy.

Solar Panel Washing in Brookhaven, Georgia

Solar panels are always placed outdoors, and in most setups, they sit on the roof of the structure to which they’re supplying energy. This placement means they’re always exposed to rainfall, dirt and grime, and other exterior contaminants. When a layer of grime builds up on the panels, they aren’t able to produce as efficiently, which means your energy bills may start to rise. Regular solar panel washing is the best line of defense against this common problem, but not all cleaning methods are safe or approved for use on sensitive components.

At 4 Seasons SoftWash, we use a gentle, yet effective method called softwashing when tackling a solar panel washing job in the Brookhaven, Georgia area. It doesn’t require the use of high water pressure or harsh chemicals. Instead, we utilize eco-friendly cleaning products that remove all types of grime that builds up on outdoor surfaces. Maximize your energy production while prolonging the lifespan of your system with routine solar panel washing.

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