When Is Pressure Washing Most Effective?

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Keeping your outdoor surfaces clean is important for a variety of reasons, including safety and aesthetics. We here at 4 Seasons SoftWash typically rely on the softwashing technique for our exterior cleaning jobs, but we also offer pressure washing services when they are appropriate. Depending on your situation and exterior washing needs, we will discuss with you which cleaning method would best benefit you.

When Is Pressure Washing Most Effective?

Pressure washing is ideal for flat, durable surfaces like concrete. Less durable surfaces, such as windows, roofing, and fences, are more susceptible to getting damaged by the intense pressure involved in traditional pressure washing. With cleaning needs like these, softwashing is more appropriate. However, because of concrete’s strength and durability, pressure washing can be a good choice to handle the staining and filth on your concrete walkway, patio, driveway, and other concrete surfaces.

It’s best to reach out to our team of exterior washing experts for your softwashing or pressure washing needs. You’re better off working with us than trying to pressure wash your own surfaces. Surfaces like brick and sturdy home siding may seem strong and durable enough to withstand pressure washing without getting damaged, but these and other surfaces are often more delicate than you may realize. That’s why it’s important to leave all exterior washing services to us. We know which surfaces are best cleaned by pressure washing and which surfaces should be cleaned using softwashing.

The well-being of your exterior surfaces is important to us, so you can always count on us for high-quality washing services. Give us a call today if you need pressure washing or softwashing services.